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22nd January 1813: General Aland issues orders for the winding down of troops in the area of Elland

York 22 Jany 1813


It is Lt. General Maitland's intention that the Detachment at Elland shall be reduced to three Serjeants & thirty rank & file which is to remain under your Command. Directions have been sent major [Garnham] to call in Ensign Young with the remainder on the 25th Inst., but you will select, such as you think proper to comprize the detachments to be continued with you.

I have received a letter from Mr. Dyson & Mr. Cartledge on the subject of the troops being withdrawn from Elland; you will have the goodness to inform these gentlemen that it never was in contemplation to do so immediately, though eventually it may take place, & certainly will, if however circumstances are sufficiently favorable to admit of it—

It is therefore adviseable the Inhabitants of Elland should organize some system of [illegible] arrangement that may be fully adequate to the preservation order & tranquillity, & give themselves security & protection, & you will lose no opportunity of impressing this upon their minds, while circumstances are so favourable for their carrying such a system fully into effect.

Though it is still necessary you should be vigilant in your enquiries & observations, it is highly advisable you should leave the Country in a great degree to itself, that we may be enabled to judge of the temper & feelings of the people, you will therefore discontinue constant patroling & only send out such as you would do in ordinary times of quiet & tranquillity for the good order of your immediate neighbourhood, unless circumstances authorize greater activity & you have very strong & good reasons for occasioning your exertions which must be reported to me—

I have [etc]
Wroth P Acland

Lt Cooper
West Suffolk (militia)

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/8.

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