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22nd January 1813: General Acland issues orders for the winding down of troops in the area of Liversedge

York 22d Jany 1813


You will receive Orders for the withdrawing all the detachments under your Command, excepting the men of the Stirling militia to join their respective regiments on the 25th Inst. It is General Maitlands directions that this detachment of the Stirling should continue under your command & to be stationed at Mills Bridge. One Corporal & six Dragoons, will be attached to this—You will therefore be enabled to give Mr Cartwright the protection he has usually had, & also to check any appearance of disturbance, should any shew itself which however I do not think likely—

It is necessary you should send out patroles less frequently than Hitherto, and relax from your usual activity, leaving the country in a great degree to itself that we may be enabled to judge of the Spirit and temper of the People—You will therefore only adopt such measures and would generally be resorted to in the ordinary times of quiet, for the tranquillity of your immediate neighbourhood, unless circumstances should positively require your acting otherwise; but then the reason should be well founded and perfectly satisfactory and then reported to me.

I am aware the withdrawing the Detachments may excite some fears & alarms in the weak minded & that numerous applications may be made for Guards & Military protection you must resist all such, & impress on the minds of all persons making such applications the necessity of availing themselves of the present circumstances of the Country to organize such Local system has may immediately & eventually ensure their own protection & security, as well as keep order & tranquillity, & inform them that it is my firm determination approved & sanctioned by Lt. General Maitland not to give any further military protection, but on the strongest & most imperious grounds of necessity; & it will be therefore [unavailing] to make any applications for it—

I will tomorrow  send you a Copy of a Circular letter from Lt. General Maitland to the Magistrates

I have [etc]
Wroth P Acland

Capt. Raynes
Stirling militia

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/8.

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