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4th January 1813: Captain Raynes informs General Acland of 'immense numbers' headed to York

Little Town Mills Bridge
4th January 1813.

I have the Honor to acquaint you, information has been given me respecting a Man of the name of James Crossley, a Cropper of Roberttown, who is strongly suspected of being himself present at the attack upon Mr Cartwrights Mill, but who has been heard to say, if he was brought forward as evidence upon oath against Hurst he should declare he knew him to have been there; understanding Hurst is committed from his own confession only Crossleys evidence against him may be very material.

I think it necessary to mention Sir, the immense number of people going from this part of the Country to York, even from out of Saddleworth I am inform’d by the Keepers of the Tollbar at Mills Bridge, and many others, they never saw the road so throng’d as on Saturday and yesterday, not only by foot passengers, but carts and carriages of almost every description fil’d with people.

I am sorry Sir to be compel’d to state a petty depredation was committed in the neighbourhood of Clifton on Saturday night or Sunday morning, the villains only succeeded in robbing a house of some [illegible] I have reason to think they were disturb’d by the Patroles, but they escaped undiscover’d and even without alarming the owners of the house,—Last night the same neighbourhood was thrown into some commotion by the firing of a Gun two or three times; my Piquets being out in that direction, they ascertained it to proceed from a vessel laying at Brighouse which two of the North Lincoln went on Board but the Master denied having any Arms, however they look’d into the cabin and found a Gun which was still warm, they brought it away with them, and took the name of the owner, who I mean to summon before a Magistrate, he belongs to a Wakefield Trader.

Major Hankin has just cal’d upon me, and mentioned the great numbers of people assembled in Huddersfield at the time Mr. Ratcliffe went through; Major H says one of his windows was broken by a stone thrown from the street

I have [etc]
Francis Raynes Capt
Stirling Militia

M. G. Acland
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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