Tuesday, 8 January 2013

8th January 1813: Shots fired into Joseph Radcliffe's home, Milnsbridge House

Milnsbridge House today, as depicted by Richard Littlewood (photo used with permission)
Three months after a similar attack, and timed symbolically at midnight on Friday 8th January 1813 - the day Mellor, Thorpe and Smith were scheduled to hang - Joseph Radcliffe's home, Milnsbridge House, was attacked.

Two shots were fired into a window of the house, without causing any injury. The perpetrators escaped, their footsteps being traced by the guards into neighbouring woods.

In a letter written to General Maitland two days later, General Acland thought that the commanding officer reporting the incident to him "had made a great deal of what in itself is trifling". Despite that, the symbolism of this raid was powerful and clear.

As reported in the Leeds Intelligencer of 11th January 1813. Acland's letter of 10th January can be found at HO 40/2/8.

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Milnsbridge House in May 2008: image copyright nualabugeye (flickr profile)

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