Wednesday, 15 February 2012

15th February 1812: Letter from "Edward Ludd" to "Mr Beedles"


You seem fully determined to act contrary to the law which was pass’t by Edward Ludd in the second year of his reign, in making that condemn article called the single press, to the to ruin of our trade. I have laboured hard for the good of my fellow-workmen, but such people violate-ing the law, in open defiance shall be punish according to the following resolutions, agreed to by the most determined of my officers and men: –

That every Man shall do his duty, on Pain of Death.

Resolved, that such people violating the Law shall have seven days to Consider of it, as it is agreed, that one Master, and the journeyman, shall be shot as a warning to others.

I do expect you to give proper notice to Edward with in 7 days, from the date hereoff of your full determination.

Signed and seal’d by me EDWARD LUDD

15th Day of Feb. in the year of Lord 1812.

N.B. You have barr’d your door, if you don't comply we shall break the bar of your head.

This letter was published in the Times newspaper on 25th February 1812.

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