Monday, 20 February 2012

20th February 1812: Robberies in Nottingham target Hosiers & Public Officials

On Thursday 20th February, several robberies took place in Nottingham. From the warehouse of the hated Hosiers Messrs Trentham & Co. were taken six dozen and five pairs of silk, and ten pairs of cotton stockings. Also raided were the premises of Messrs Woolley & Co., and also the houses of Mr Braithwaite and the Town Clerk, Mr Coldham. It's not clear if this Braithwaite was the same person who had frames broken in January.

The house of a Mr Burton was entered at mid-day, and large mahogany dining table was taken away seemingly without anyone noticing. It's not clear if this was the same Burton who was at the root of the Luddites grievances 12 months prior.

As reported in The Times newspaper of 25th February 1812.

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