Wednesday, 22 February 2012

22nd February 1812: Letter from “Genl C Ludd" at "Shirewood Camp" to Spencer Perceval at London

Spencer Perceval Esq                         Shirewood Camp. Feb 22 1812


The first & most important part of my Duty is to inform you & I request you do the same to all your Colleagues in office, also the Regent; that in consequence of the great sufferings of the Poor &-whose grievances seem not to be taken into the least consideration, by Government. I shall be under the necessity of again calling into action (not to destroy, many more frames) ie. but ’ -----------my brave Sons of Shirewood, who are determind & sworn to be true & faithful avengers of their & Countrys wrongs. I have waited patiently to see if any measure were likely to be adopted by Parliamt. to alleviate distress in any shape whatever; but that hand of conciliation is shut & my poor suffering country is left without a ray of hope: The Bill for Punish.g with death. has only to be viewd. with contempt & opposd. by measure equally strong; & the Gentlemen (who framd. it will have to repent the act: for if one man’s life is Sacrificed,! blood for !blood. Should you be calld upon you can not say I have not given you notice of de---

I have the honor to be
Genl C Ludd

The letter can be found at HO 42/120.

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