Tuesday, 7 February 2012

7th Feburary 1812: 2 Framebreakers committed to Nottingham Gaol

On Friday 7th February, the authorities committed 2 more men to the County Gaol for frame-breaking.

John Osborne, of Eastwood, was committed for frame-breaking at Eastwood 2 days earlier. Upon his entering custody the County Gaoler, Thomas Wright, said he had found Osborne had about his person a piece of iron (part of a stocking frame) and a letter or piece of paper signed 'Ned Lud for ever Amen'.

It was also reported that William Barnes had been committed for frame-breaking at Basford on 26th January. The authorities had obviously decided that Barnes has connived in the attack upon the frames being kept in his home at the time.

As reported in the Nottingham Review of 31st January 1812 & the Leeds Mercury of the 15th February 1812. The details of Osborne's belongings are in a deposition at HO 42/120.

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