Friday, 24 February 2012

24th February 1812: First reading of the Frame-breaking Bill in the House of Lords

The Leeds Mercury of 29th February 1812 reported the first reading of the Frame-breaking Bill in the House of Lords on Monday 24th February.

The Earl of Liverpool: proposed that this Bill should be read a second time to-morrow.

Lord Holland: expressed his regret that it should be proposed to read this Bill a second time at all; but was surprised that so early a day should be named, especially when no enquiry had been made as to the probable effects of the Bill, or even as to the effect already produced by the apprehension of such a measure. He however, at whatever time the second reading should be moved, would feel it his duty to oppose the principle of the bill.

The Earl of Liverpool's motion was agreed to:—but his Lordship afterwards finding that it would be convenient for many Noble Lords, who wished to be present at the discussion to attend tomorrow, said, that he had no objection to postpone the second reading till Thursday. The order for the second reading to-morrow could not now regularly be discharged; but there might be an understanding that it should be done to-morrow. The second reading was accordingly understood to stand for Thursday, for which day the Lords were ordered to be summoned.

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