Tuesday, 28 February 2012

28th February 1812: A Liverpool Merchant, John Bellingham, petitions the Prince Regent

To His Royal Highness the Prince Regent

The humble petition of John Bellingham Merchant of Liverpool


That your Royal Highness having been most graciously pleased to refer your Petitioner’s case to his Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council. — your Petitioner has now most humbly to state to your Royal Highness, that their Lordships have notified to him their inability to take cognizance of the affair — your Petitioner has therefore been induced to state his case in a petition to Parliment.—As the affair is purely national your Petitioner further most humbly implores that your Royal Highness would be most graciously pleased to order his said Petition to be brought before Parliment to the end that your Petitioner may obtain redress agreeable to Law – and as material justice requires.

And your Petitioner will ever pray
&c &c &c

John Bellingham

London 28th February 1812 

The petition can be found at HO 42/120.

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