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12th April 1812: Letter from "G. LUDD" to Anonymous Merchant

Injurious villains to _____, ______, and 14 others we have on our list

Set your mind at ease, and your life out of Danger, by removing the Obnoxious Gear (the Machinery) from your Premises; for it gives me very much pain to be obligated to tell you, that I cannot much longer restrain my exasperated Corps, from breaking throw all Rules and Order, for they assert their Right to live by labouring in a branch of Trade, to which they have served a legal Apprenticeship and sooner than see their numerous families of Children (your neighbouring fellow Creatures) Cry and Starve for Bread bad, they are Determined to Die the most ignominious Deaths, for neither the military, nor the Devil, come much longer restrain them, from displaying their Revenge, in reducing your Property to Ashes, and they vow that every second offence shall be punished with a visit to the bed-chamber of the offender, the second watchword is Blood and Death, we have now two Hundred Horse man’s Pistals; and the blood of Cleckheaton, shall soon be Retaliated upon the Proprietors of the extricated Gigg Mills, and their owners. Damn your souls it shall be blood for blood in a very short time.—Yours in haste,

April 12,1812.


This letter was published in the Leeds Mercury of 24th April 1812, with the following introduction:
The following letter has been received by a Merchant in this town. It is a rather extraordinary that it should have been addressed to this gentleman, as he does not make use of machinery in question.

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