Friday, 6 April 2012

6th April 1812: Mutiple Luddite raids near Holmfirth and Honley

In the early hours of Monday 6th April, a series of Luddite raids were mounted a fair distance south of Huddersfield.

At around midnight, the Luddites arrived, in considerable numbers & with blacked faces, at the workshop of a Mr Smith of Snowgatehead. All the dressing frames and hand shears that belonged to him were broken.

The same group of Luddites next chose the workshop of Joseph Brook of Horn Coat, a mile down the road, as their next target. This time, not only were all of the dressing frames and hand shears were broken, but also Joseph Brook's household furniture and windows were smashed.

At 2.00 a.m., the group arrived at the workshop of James Brook at Reins, three miles distant from Horn Coat and close to Honley. Although Brook had taken his single dressing frame down 5 weeks ago, the Luddites clearly didn't trust him and insisted on destroying the constituent parts. Brook pleaded with the Luddites to not break his hand shears and they agreed.

Thereafter, they dispersed into the darkness.

As reported in the Leeds Intelligencer of 13th April 1812.

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