Saturday, 7 April 2012

7th April 1812: Handbill titled “Now or Never," Manchester


Those Inhabitants who do not wish for an Increase of Taxes and Poor RatesAn Advance in the Price of Provisions—A Scarcity of Work, and a Reduction of Wages, will not fail to go to the Meeting on Wednesday Morning next, at the Exchange, and

Oppose the 154 Persons

Who have called you together; and you will then do right to express your Detestation of the Conduct of those Men who have brought this Country to its present distressed State, and are entailing Misery on Thousands of its industrious Mechanics.

Speak your Minds now!

Before it is too late; let not the Prince and the People be deceived, as to your real Sentiments. Speak and act boldly and firmly, but above all, be PEACEABLE.

A version of the Handbill produced by William Cowdroy, who also published the Manchester Gazette.

Another version of the Handbill, produced by J Plant.

The Cowdroy version of the leaflet can be found at HO 42/122, whilst the Plant version can be found at HO 40/1/1. In a letter of 11th April 1812, Colonel Fletcher refers to the Cowdroy version. Kevin Binfield (2004, p.170) uses the Plant version as his reference point, but it's likely that the Cowdroy version was the original since the foot of the Plant version makes clear it is 'reprinted'.

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