Sunday, 8 April 2012

8th April 1812: Letter from Leeds signed "I ham for lud and the poor" to "Mr Joseph Ratcliff, Milnsbridg"

Mr Joseph Ratcliff
Esquier Milns bridg
Near Hudersfield

Leeds 8 April


I ham verrey Happey to Hear of your acktivety in taking of those people Caulled luds for they Have been verrey troubbles Some of late you are verrey acktive just ass as theare are maney more sutch like Skindevils at present making mutch to do about nothing but striving to take poor people labor from them i think the medalon soon to be given to sutch villons as you is a ledon ball with powder that will not dist jest soner and beter

I ham for lud and
the poor.

This letter can be found in Binfield (2004, p.216)

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