Monday, 9 April 2012

9th April 1812: Sentinel at Rawfolds Mill observes signals indicating an attack

On the evening of Thursday, 9th April 1812, a guard posted at Rawfolds Mill 'observed several signals that were supposed to indicate an approaching attack'.

We know little else about what occurred that night than this line in the Leeds Mercury of 18th April 1812. The type and manner of the signal is not known, whether audible, or visual, or both - although visual is suggested. It is known that coloured rockets were used by Luddites as signals during the disturbances, but equally it could have been the more conventional signal used in the West Riding, that of the shot from a pistol, possibly several shots.

In the event, nothing else occurred that night - no attack came.

This was reported in the Leeds Mercury of 18/04/1812.

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