Sunday, 1 April 2012

[Early] April 1812: Letter from “Mr Love Good" to Joseph Radcliffe at Milnsbridge near Huddersfield

Radcliffe Esq
Mills Bridge
near Huddersfield

Mr Radcliffe Dear Sir

This comes from a friend

I found my Self to be and got into the Seckrets of the Ludites and knowing the dredfull plots that is going forwards I Send this to you there is dredfull Praprations goen forwards for Great Destruction

It is reported you back Thos Atkinson it was ordered a wile a go for your place and Bradley Mill to be burnt one Night But I pled it of with great to do When that Time comes foot nor Horses will be of any use there will be a Great Destruction You must not compell Watching & Warding You must side with the Luds if you Live

I should a spook personley to you But durst Not

If this was known it is deth to me

From Mr Love Good

April 1812

This letter is featured in Binfield (2004, p.216)

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