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10th May 1812: Lieutenant-General Maitland gives his opinion of the loyalty of the Local Militias

Secret & Confidential

Head Quarters
10th May 1812


I have the honor to inform you that in one or two Instances, some doubts seem to be entertained on the Subject of how far certain Corps of Local Militia are to be Relied on.—For my own part I fairly own that is my belief is, they are Completely to be trusted, and I am sure the worst of all Policies would be to show smallest idea of doubt upon this head, or to show the smallest Jealousy or Suspicion on the Occasion.—

As it must be desirable however to ascertain in the fullest manner the Opinion of the Officers Commanding upon this head, which I conceive you can easily do at the period of your Inspection without giving Rise to the smallest Suspicion or Jealousy; you will be pleased to take Measures for this purpose, and to ascertain too the Class of Men of which the Corps you Inspect are generally Composed, a Report of which you will be pleased to forward to Head Quarters.—

I have [etc]
T: Maitland

To Major Generals Dirom
& Dyott
North West & Inland Districts

This letter can be found at HO 42/123.

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