Friday, 18 May 2012

18th May 1812: Edmund Eastwood, William Horsfall's companion on his final journey, dies

On Monday 18th May, Edmund Eastwood, a manufacturer friend of William Horsfall, died. He had ridden alongside William Horsfall during part of his final & incomplete journey, and had never recovered from the injuries he sustained in trying to obtain help. The Leeds Mercury of 23rd May carried his death notice:
On Monday last, Mr. Edmund Eastwood, of Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield.—This gentleman was the intimate friend of the late Mr. Horsfall, of Marsden; and soon after Mr. Horsfall had received the fatal shots upon Crossland Moor, he was thrown from his horse near the place where the assassination took place, and considerably hurt. Indifferent to his own injury he ran on foot to Huddersfield, to procure surgical assistance for his friend, and on his return he again mounted his horse and repaired to Huddersfield a second time, for a supply of medicine, when he was again thrown from his horse at the corner of the church yard in that place, and so much injured by his repeated accidents and arduous exertions as to occasion a complaint in the abdomen, which terminated in his death.

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