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22nd May 1812: Complaints from Nottingham are sent to Gravenor Henson in London

1812. May 22


Dear Friends,

I take this opportunity of informing you how very Clamourous the people are all Round the Country they say nether you nor Mr Smith mention a word about the Plain trade say your all Lace & plain Silk hands that There has been no proper evedence examined for the too Needle Branch I have been out too days and could not get one Peney they look Plesent as a Cows husband at me Swear they will not pay aney More—I have had a great Deal of trouble these too days on that account—3 Men came from Basford yesterday insisting I should imedeately go to London to see what you have done for them I told them there was the Money to colect from the Country I could liot be spared on that acount that I would write to you for they are not satisfied with what Mr Blackner and Mr Allin told them said you Neaver mentioned a word about their branch in your Letters—PS write to me by return of post or youl soon see me in London or else I must Run my Country—pleas Give my Respects to Mr Allsop Mr Large and Mr Latham—tell them I ham well satisfied with wat you have done for us and I will take Care you shall not want for Money think I can collect 20 or 30 pound next week no more at present from your constant Friend

Wm. Bowler.

[Addressed to] Mr. G. Henson . . . London.

This letter can be found in the Records of the Borough of Nottingham, vol.8, 1800-1835 (p.148).

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