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16th May 1812: Joseph Radcliffe informs the Home Office about prisoners committed to York Castle


With the concurrence of My brother magistrates, Messrs G. Armitage & F. Scott, acting in this Neighbourhood, I have the honor to inform you that different prosecutions are to be commenced at York on account of persons committed in various ways as connected with the riots.—The weighty expence of these in addition to the losses already incurred will bear most heavily on individuals. We therefore trust that we shall be excused by His Majesty's Government in making a request at the same may be carried on at the expence of the Public.—

I have committed one Haigh on strong Suspicions of being at the attack at Cartwrights Mill, & one other on Wednesday last, for forcibly obtaining arms in the night time.

Having been foreman of the Grand Jury at Lancaster in the spring, I am summoned to attend as such on the 23d Inst you will therefore I hope excuse my requesting the [illegible] to know if under any Special commission the prisoners at York are to be tried, and when. An early answer will highly oblige

Sir [etc]
Joseph Radcliffe

Milnsbridge house
May 16, 1812

N.B. I was sorry to hear from Ld [Fitzwilliam] on Thursday last, at a Genl Call of Magistrates & Deputy Lieutenants that an act to empower the magistrates to search for arms did not meet the approbation of His Majestys administration.—

On Sunday night last, within half a Mile of this place, an attack of destruction was made on an other description of Machinery.—

This letter can be found at HO 42/123.

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