Saturday, 12 May 2012

[After] 12th May 1812: Letter from "Luddites" at Manchester to Richard Ryder


Every frame Breaking act you Make an amendment to only serves to shorten your Days Theirfore you may Prepaire to go to the Divel to Bee Secretary for Mr Perceval theire for there are fire Ships Making to saile by land as well as by Warter that will not faile to Destroy all the Obnoctious in the both Houses as you have been at a great Deal of pains to Destroy Chiefe part of the Country it is know your turn to fall The Remedy for you is Shor Destruction Without Detection—prepaire for thy Departure and Recomend the same to thy friends your Hbl sert &c

Manchester april 13th 1812}


This letter can be found at HO 42/123. The date appears to be in error, because the letter refers to Spencer Perceval's death. The letter is filed in the Home Office documents under the division for May 1812.

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