Wednesday, 23 May 2012

23rd May 1812: Letter from "Ned Ludd" to Nicholas Vansittart at London

Mr Vansittart


As you have now accepted the place of Chancellor of the Exchequer I hope you will learn Wisdom from the fate of your predecessor, for if you be determined to persevere in the iniquitics & oppress the poor as he did depend upon it you will share the same fate but I trust the Justness of his death have a proper effect upon your conduct & you will do all that lays in your power to amend & note the injuries he has done otherwise you must take the cousequences—I just give you this Gentle hint if you dont profit by it it will be your own fault or you will be watchd narrowly if an immideate amendment be not made for the poor you may expect to hear from me again shortly

yours truly

Ned Ludd

May 23 1812

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