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9th May 1812: 'Instructions for Officers ... in the North West & Inland Districts'

Instructions for Officers in Command of Regiments or Detachments in the North West & Inland Districts.—

On the Arrival of any Regiment or Detachment at any Station in the above named Districts, The Commanding Officers will communicate with the Magistrates and gave every Local Information in his power, he will at all times be ready to give assistance when called on by the Civil Power for the suppression of Riots and Disturbances, but he will keep his Regiment or Detachment as much as possible together and not fritter it away in small or necessary Parties.—

In Billeting the Men it is desirable they should not be dispersed, to effect this the Commanding Officer will make an Arrangement with the Magistrates that Billets should not be given in the Public Houses generally, & that those who receive more than their Complement in consequence of this Arrangement should be exempt in a future billeting.—

It is hoped the Magistrates will acquiese in so reasonable a proposal which will not only allow the Commanding Officer to afford promptly the assistance that may be required, but by keeping the Men more together may prevent or detect their being tampered with.—

It is particularly desirable that the Officers and Non Commissioned Officers should acquire a local knowledge of their Quarters & Environs, that they may be assembled to march to any point where assistance may be wanted and to Patrole with greater Effect during the Night.—

The greatest Vigilance should be observed was all Suspicious Persons that may be lurking about the Quarters of the Regiments, & attempting to tamper or converse with the Men. Information should be immediately given to the Civil power & a strict watch kept on them in the mean time.—

This can be found at HO 40/1/1.

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