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July 1812: Letter from "a well wisher" at Daypool to "The Secretary of State", London

Daypool near Hull July


I have too long been a dupe, to mischiefous men, by being led on, to mischief, in the west Country, and I have been guilty, of a many Crimes there, and have come here, by being deputed, for a very wicked purpose, even that, for which I now repent, & will have no concern, I am sent with others, to different parts of the Country, and especially where French Prisoners are many to some thousands, are already sworn in, to rise on a certain day, appointed in all parts of the Kingdom, on the 5th day of Novr next, the Luddites mean to rid themselves, of all their Enemys. They reckon on 50,000 French Prisoners, as helpers, as out of all that are sworn, amongs the French, not one did refuse. On that morning, several, or many heads in London, are to be laid low, to cause a confusion, all the Mails, are to be stopt’d.

Castererleaah, Liverpool. Gibbs. & several. are to fall, as fix’d on. Men are to go to all the places, where French Prisoners are, to assasinate the Gards, to let the Prisoners out, to join the Luddites, & then Mischief follows.

Tho' they appear quiet now, you are very much rong, if you trust to that. I have sent an account from here, where the arms are, in the Garrison, & what number.

But I repent, & will do no more, with them, but do you not be laid from Suspicion. Beware French Prisoners.

You need not advertize any reward for the writer of this to come forward because I won’t tho’ my conscience tell me to do this I will go no farther because by doing this I dare not return home. I wou’d not turn Kings Evidence for the World.

I will go so far as say that the Watch Word on that Day say 5th Novr next is to be LIBERTY AND LUDD, FOR EVER.

So no more from a well wisher No 1175.

This letter can be found at HO 42/125.

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