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30th June 1812: Gravenor Henson updates Nottingham on progress in London

1812. June 30

London . . .

Dr Sir

Hitherto I have been so extremely busy that I have not been able to give you the result of my Journey to Dublin, nor can I now, I have been incessantly employed in Visits and making the necessary alterations in the Bill, I have not had time this Week nor has any of us to wait on Sir Thos Tyrwhit at Carlton House, to get him to present the Goods to the Prince Regent;—Large and me went to Carlton House on Saturday but Sir Thos was not at home, We have got a number of Circular Letters printed, and we mean to open a Subscription in London, among the Wholesale and Retail Hosiers. D.P. Coke Esqr gave us voluntery £5 " 0s " 0d this Morning : The Bill was read a second time last Night; It was opposed by Mr. D. Giddy and Mr W Smith (Norwich) for the Particulars of which see the Statesman of Wednesday, (at Nottm Thursday,) There seemed from the Cheering a great Majority in the House in favor of our Bill particularly the Ministerial Benches, cheered Mr Coke and Mr Smith in their Speeches; Mr Coke, Mr Smith and Mr Babington of Leicester, and Mr Toplis met this Morning to finally arrange our Bill and make the alterations and fill up the blanks for the third Reading; Mr Babington there informed Mr Coke and Mr Toplis he being called out to present a Petition from the Hosiers of Leicester against our Bill, Praying to be heard by Counsel next Session against it. Mr Toplis and Mr Coke has seen Mr Barbash the Solicitor and he says the Leicester Hosiers object to the Prohibition of Single Cotton and Cut up Goods to the Rack and to our Schedules, and that if we will give them up he will not present his Petition: It is signed by Thirty Hosiers of Leicester and will be presented by D. Giddy Esqr. Member for Bodmin in Cornwall this Night, the Third Reading of our Bill is tomorrow (Wednesday) night. We go to Davies Giddy in the Morning, we will get every Member we can to attend, Large, Latham and Bowler are gone now for that purpose, I am with Mr Toplis finishing the Clauses of the Bill ready for to morrow Night.—The London Committee are gone to the House to hear if D. Giddy says any thing in presenting the Petition: If the third Reading is carried the Incorporation Bill will be presented on Thursday Night. It will be considered a Private Bill for which wc must pay the Printing send up the Money by return of Post Fifty Pound at the least I have every reason to think that the Ministry will support the Bill, The Clause prohibiting the Payment in Goods, which clause it was that D Giddy opposed, was drawn up by Mr Vansittart himself, Lord Castlereagh has signified his approbation of the Bill, and so [has] Lord Sidmouth; We have some Reason to [think] the Prince Regent is also favorable. We have only Dr A Smiths Disciples to contend with, whose principles are execrated all over the Kingdom Mr Ainsworth of Manchester, a Merchant of great Fortune has been with us, and expresses his utmost detestation of his maxims, Mr Harrison the Government Solicitor, and the present Ministry are most of them of the same opinion, Dont fear! the Tewkesbury Hosiers have resolved to defend this Bill to the uttermost against the Leicestershire Hosiers they have wrote to Mr Tracey to that effect. If the business is concluded in time we shall waylay the Mail at Islington, that you may have the result on Thursday

Dont neglect to send us Money as it is the Sinews of War

I am Sir Yours sincerely
Gravener Henson.

[Addressed to:] Mr Thos Roper . . . Nottingham.

This letter can be found in the Records of the Borough of Nottingham, vol.8, 1800-1835 (pp.156-157).

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