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17th May 1816: Rioting continues in Norwich

The second day of rioting in Norwich continued on Friday 17th May, and the Bury & Norwich Post of 22nd May 1816 carried the following description:
A Court of Mayoralty was held on Friday morning, when strong measures to preserve the peace were determined on; at Sun-set a Captain's Guard of the West Norfolk Militia were marched into the Hall; the Norwich Yeomanry Cavalry, under Capt. Hudson, assembled at the Swan Inn; a detachment of the 1st Royal Dragoons were under arms at the Horse Barracks; and the Magistrates, Constables, and a number of the respectable inhabitants, at the same time were assembled at the Hall. These demonstrations had, to a considerable degree, the desired effect; nevertheless a large mob collected, who shewed a bad disposition, by breaking a number of lamps, windows, &c. The Magistrates and their assistants therefore proceeded in a body to the Market-place, and the Riot Act was read; several of the mob having surrounded them, and behaving in a disorderly manner, three were taken into custody, and the rest refusing to disperse, after proper time had been allowed them to do so, the military were called in, but were on their appearance received with vollies of stones, and their horses alarmed by throwing a large fire-ball; they soon, however, succeeded in driving their assailants out of the Market, and dispersing them in every direction; several who resisted were committed to the gaol, and before eleven o'clock every thing was quiet.—We are sorry to add, that several of the Yeomanry Cavalry received cuts and bruises from the stones, and one gentleman was thrown from his horse by coming into contact with a post, and the animal falling upon him, he was severely injured, but is now in a convalescent state.

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