Tuesday, 3 May 2016

3rd May 1816: Arson at Drinkstone, Suffolk

The Bury & Norwich Post of 8th May 1816 carried a report and a reward advert about a case of arson that occurred on Friday 3rd May 1816:
On Friday night a barn at Drinkstone, the property of Joshua Grigby, Esq. was wilfully set on fire, and consumed.—A reward of 200l. is offered for the discovery of the incendiaries. See advt.
The advert read as follows:
A BARN at DRINKSTONE, the Property of Mr. GRIGBY, was WILFULLY SET ON FIRE about Nine o'clock in the Night of the 3d of this Month. 
Mr. Grigby thinks he cannot so well perform his duty to the Public; or express his Thanks to his Neighbours for their kind assistance; as by using his utmost endeavours to detect the Incendiaries. 
He also promises a Reward of TWO HUNDRED POUNDS to the Person through whose means they shall be convicted.—May 4, 1816.

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