Tuesday, 10 July 2012

10th July 1812: William Robert Hay informs the Home Office that he has handed Joseph Barrowclough over to Joseph Radcliffe

Police Office Manchester 10 July 1812


In consequence of the anxiety expressed by the Prisoner Barrowclough on learning that no arms had been found in consequence of his information, and the desire he expected himself to point out the some of the places I have directed that he should be sent over to Mr. Radcliffe the Magistrate near Huddersfield, who will I am sure give him every opportunity of being of service which he proposes to wish; and likewise of pointing out any places he may think have been difectively searched – as the evidence of Taylor & Whitehead can no longer be wanted as against him, there is no reason for detaining him out of Yorkshire. As soon as I know the result I will instantly write, but I conclude that Mr. Radcliffe will do so himself.

I am [etc]
William Robert Hay

[To] John Beckett Esqr &c &c

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