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1st July 1812: William Robert Hay informs the Home Office of a suspected Luddite in Saddleworth


Police Office Manchester 1 July 1812

Dr. Sir,

I had the honor to receive your letter (private) dated 26th June instant with the accompanying paper, and immediately directed enquiry to be made respecting the person referred to in them. I find that a man of the name of Walter McLean als McLauglin lived at No. 19 Chapel Street, Bank Top – he was a Silk weaver – to cheat his Landlord out of his rent he removed to Mr. Normans Buildings – he then hawked numbers about the country – he lately left his house in Normans Buildings, and it is said that he is gone into Saddleworth – This man has always been suspected of being a Luddite, and seems to have been intimate with a person at Oldham of the name of Travis, who is considered as a very disaffected man; and who is stated to have told McLaughlin sometime back, that three of Ludds men had come from Nottingham, that they rode grey horses; came to give orders, and rode off immediately. Travis is said to have offered McLaughlin to find him work if he would come over to Oldham.

Such is the Information given to me by Nadin the Depy Constable here. Should it the Lord Sidmouths wish that enquiry should be made in Saddleworth, I will endeavour to promote it. I am, Dr. Sir,

Your [etc]
WR Hay

To John Beckett Esqr &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/125.

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