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9th July 1812: William Robert Hay informs the Home Office about his doubts about Joseph Barrowclough

Police Office Manchester 9 July 1812


Having in my letter by last nights post mentioned that it would be necessary to try the veracity of Barrowclough I have now to state to Government that as far as I am able to judge it is not improbable but that he may have totally deceived us. An Arrangement was made here yesterday by which several places mentioned is depôts for arms were to be searched as nearly as possible at the same time. I have seen some of the officers who are returned, and I believe that altho they found the places which were most accurately described by Barrowclough, in no instance have any arms been found. I issued two search warrants, what the result of those may be I cannot say — but after what has passed I have little expectation of any thing being found. Should I hear any further particulars before the post goes out, I will make them the subject of another letter. I have the honor to be.

Sir, [etc]
William Robert Hay
To John Beckett Esqr &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/125.

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