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12th July 1812: William Robert Hay informs the Home Office that Joseph Radcliffe has had no luck with Joseph Barrowclough

Police Office Manchester 12 July 1812


Not knowing whether or no Mr. Radcliffe men informed Government of the result of Barrowclough's going into Yorkshire, I feel it to be my duty to state that I have this day received a letter from Mr. Radcliffe by which I find that that attempt, as the last was, has proved to be fruitless. Mr. Radcliffe has, on informations laid before him granted warrants against certain persons; and I understand from Mr. Lloyd of Stockport, who is just arrived here out of Yorkshire, the several persons, I believe nine, have in consequence been apprehended. The enquiries in respect of these will of course be carried on in the W. Riding; probably before Mr. Radcliffe between whom and myself, should occasion require any interference, there is a regular intercourse – but I apprehend that I shall have no further communication to make on the subject – as Barrowclough must be from henceforth considered as altogether forthcoming in the West Riding, to which he will probably be sent back tomorrow.

I have [etc]
William Robert Hay.

John Beckett Esqr &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/125.

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