Sunday, 8 July 2012

8th July 1812: Arms raid at Almondbury

In the evening of Wednesday 8th July 1812, an arms raid took place in Almondbury - the Lancaster Gazette of 18th July carried this description of it:
[On 8th July] a party of these depredators, about 20 in number, with a leader mounted on horseback, visited the house of Mr. Joseph North, of Almondbury, clothier; after obtaining from him a gun, the muster-roll was called over by numbers, and they marched off in military order.

The Lancaster Gazette states the attack took place 'on Wednesday last', which should mean the 15th July, but it is at the end of a paragraph about raids in Holmfirth which are attributed the wrong date. I have chosen 8th July instead. I can not find a report about this raid in either of the Leeds newspapers.

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