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16th July 1812: Circular letter from "The C--m---tee"


AS our principal care is and has been, to give you every information, are sorry you should have been so long without, the cause is, have waited in full hopes that it would have been in our power ere this to have brought about a reconciliation at least, a Meeting wi’h Employers, such is the case they appear determined to encumber the Trade with so much expence that it may both destroy our fortitude and finances; Gentlemen are proud to say, such cannot take place. while such liberal exertions flow from Country as well as Town Friends, yet still from the length of time elapsed in our struggle it requires every man’s utmost assistance, and in one very particular are well convinced the Town is partially supplied with goods from the Country, either by direct or indirect means, everything you can with propriety prevent that would injure our cause, will redound not only to the general interest, but to your lasting honour; our Prosecutors are seeking all means, not only disgraceful to themselves, but enough to despoil men’s minds to cause them to turn the Trade into other Channels such is hoped men will not be driven to the greatest honour and observance on the part of Journeymen, has through this contest been observed, but the oppressive and abitrary will of Employers will not acknowledge. Gentlemen we must pursue the same steady line of conduct which has marked the past proceeding and doubt not from the general disposition of men and circumstances our cause will ultimately succeed. Gentlemen we rely on you every endeavours and are

Your devoted Servants,

London July 16th, 1812
The C--m---te.

P. S. As soon as read destroy. Some of our Communication has fallen into London Masters hands. Direct as usual, No. 8, King-street, Drury-lane.

This letter can be found at HO 42/125.

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