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8th July 1812: Incomplete letter from Thomas Large, probably to Thomas Roper, about progress with the Framework-knitters Bill

1812. July 8



You know we came to Town under an impression of coming to an understanding with the Hosiers at London The committee before I arrived had got a petition signed by most of the Respectable Hosiers in London praying our Bill might pass into a Law this Session—The Committee had also proposed a meeting at the Globe coffee house, on Monday morning Consisting [of] D P Coke Mr H Tracy J T Becher, and a Number of Hosiers of London—I attended this Meeting—and told them, the Deputation from Nottm. would meet us for the purpose of Altering those Clauses the most complained off. The Meeting thought we should send for them there, to have it Settled in their presence, I thought so too—so me and Henson went down to fetch them when they arrived what do you think they did—(but mind you Jackey Parker, and Nelson was with them—) Jackey Parker would would [sic] not Sit down till we had Quited the Room—they would not allow Even Mr Toplis to be present So all we know of the meeting is—they abused D P Coke without altering his opinion of our Cause This Meeting taking up so much time, our Bill was put of till Tuesday,—Tuesday in The afternoon we went down to the House—there we saw Nelson, Nixon Hooley and Parker Boning! all the members as they came—and we adopted the same plan—so whenever we saw them talking to a Gentn. we run up Instantly—Perticularly to Lord Newark and Mr Keck our Friend the Member for Leicestershire—My Dear Fellow hear we had a fair sitt to—they stated their Case—and we ours—they objected to the Schedules in toto—we would not give them up, tho Repeatedly urged to it by Newark—and Keck—we was wrangling here above an hour in the Lobby of the House—they had given Lord Newark their Petition—and he staying to hear us so Long he was to Late with his Petition for D P Coke while he was there—got the Blanks of our Bill fill'd up—and committed for the third reading on Fryday night—we thaught the poor Devils would have gone Mad!!! when they heard this—they Blow'd up D P Coke—said he was no better than a Villain—and Lord Newark 

[the rest is missing]

This letter can be found in the Records of the Borough of Nottingham, vol.8, 1800-1835 (pp.158-159).

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