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4th July 1812: The Gaoler of Lancaster Castle informs the Home Office that one of the 'Manchester 38' may be an Irish Rebel

Lancaster Castle 4 July 1812


One of the thirty eight Persons committed to this Prison for being present at the Administration of an Oath in a Public House in Manchester, by the name of Daniel Gibbons, has I am informed connexions in London and Dublin, which, on account of the present state of the Country, you may find necessary to make some Inquiry.—I understand, from a person who knows Gibbons, that his real name is Jevans and that he has a Brother in London who is a Gunsmith—Also, that this Jevans married the Daughter of Mr. Watson, Tin plate worker and Founder, Cox’s Court, Michael’s Lane, Dublin, who was concerned with McIntosh and a Mr Costigan of Pimlico in making Gunpowder for the Rebels previous to the Insurrection in July 1803. I understand McIntosh was executed for the offence. From Connexions of this discription there is a probability that Jevans may be deeply concerned in the disturbances now on Foot in this County, especially as he is by Trade a Machine Maker, closely connected with his Brother in London and his Relations in Ireland. It may be proper further to add that Jevans joined the Rotunda Corps of Yeomanry, with a view to avoid suspicion. I am Sir, with great Deference

Your most obedient Servant

John Higgin,

John Beckett, Esqr,
Under Secretary of State &c.—

A man has been found named Isaac Javens working at the Shop of Mr Farnley in Castle Court Whitechapel who says he was form Birmingham but served his apprenticeship, to a Gunsmith in Dublin, that he has a Brother named Daniel Javens in custody at Manchester, that his said Brother was [born] in Phenix Street Dublin and served his apprenticeship to a Mr Smith a Coach-smith in Strand Street Dublin, that he married the Daughter of Mr Watson of Michaels Lane Dublin Tin plate worker and came to England about seven years ago, Isaac Javens says he had been in England about ten years that he married his wife Margaret Rossiter in Saint Patrick Street Dublin says that his Brother Daniel and himself were volunteers some years ago with the Ritundife Division in Capt Johnson’s Company that their Father Job Jevans lives at No 16 Michaels Lane Dublin & is by trade a Silversmith Isaac Jevans says he has received two Letters from his Brother Daniel since his confinement at Manchester which Letters and now at his House and he has no objection to shew them

J. Read

10th July 1812.*
*Although Higgin's letter alludes to the information contained in the note by J Read, Read's note appears to post-date Higgin's letter. I can't find an explanation for this!

This letter can be found at HO 42/125.

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