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4th July 1812: Gravenor Henson informs Nottingham of the final preparations for the Framework-knitters Bill

1812. July 4


Dr Sir

Our Petitioning goes forward we have got a Number of the Retail Hosiers of London to sign, Mr Morris Lombard Street, (alias Mr Smith Hosier London our first Subscriber who in that name sent us a Pound) has undertaken to get it signed by Monday 2 oClock by most of the Retail Hosiers in London we calculate on having a swinging Petition from them; What will the Good Hosiers of Leicester and the Hollow ones of Nottingham think of this; when their Workmen and Customers petition against them; We have been with Thos Hayne Mr Morley and Mr Pritt, they declined signing not refused, Thos Hayne is willing to sign if the Schedules is modyfyed to meet the objection of Strangers entering the Warehouse; We mean to propose the original intention of paying for a Copy; Mr Morley thinks we ought to prohibit Single Worsted and says he will forward the Bill by every means in his Power; Mr Pritt is convinced of the Propriety of the Regulations, but thinks it would be best to have them by a Regulation amongst ourselves—assured us however that he should give them every support, as he was convinced that no Regulation of the Manufacturers would be abided by,—

There will be a Meeting at the Globe Coffee House on Monday at 11 oClock. when D.P. Coke, J. Smith, C [?] Smith, Mr Babington, Lord Newark, H. Tracey, Mr Mundy and several other Members will be there ; Dr J T. Becher will be there also, Mr. Bignall will attend to defend the Bill and our Cause Mr Morley also will attend to get Single Worsted included in the Bill if Possible—Mr T. Hayne will be there, and most of the truly respectable Hosiers in Town; We hope Mr Waisbell will attend,

We shall run them hard yet even if we lose, It is useless going to the Nottm. Hosiers they are a prevaricating Race of Mortals who do not know their own Interest; Give my best Respects to Roper, and to Mr Fell, likewise my worthy Friend John Wild, Tell Slater I have not forgot him. We received Larges Letter this Morning, What does he mean by a fierce opposition; Surely if the Hosiers is so very fierce we must Chain them; Or if we cant the Devill will, what they want another Row do they

I am Sir
Yours with the greatest Respect
G Henson.

[Addressed to:] Mr Page, Nottingham.

This letter can be found in the Records of the Borough of Nottingham, vol.8, 1800-1835 (pp.157-158).

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