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2nd July 1812: Gravenor Henson tells Thomas Large of the opposition to the Framework-knitter's Bill

[1812. July 2]

London Thursday 7 oClock—

Dr Sir

I have to inform you that I have just come from the House, Mr Hume opposed our Bill on Dr A Smiths grounds of letting Trade alone, Genl Tarlton moved the House to adjourn, there not being Forty Members present, they ran out of the House when our business came on like wild fire: A Letter has come from Mr Hooley of Nottm Hosier to D P. Coke protesting against our Bill, G Coldham Town Clerk is employed against us by the Hosiers of Nottm who have addressed a circular Letter to the Members, A Letter has come express, signed by Allen and Phillips and by a Dozen others to D P Coke, J Smith & Lord Newark signifying that they meant to be heard by Counsel against our Bill; It will be moved tomorrow night for Monday

G Henson.

[Addressed to:] Mr T Large . . . Nottingham.

This letter can be found in the Records of the Borough of Nottingham, vol.8, 1800-1835 (p.157).

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