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17th July 1812: General Maitland reprimands an officer in Sheffield

With this letter, General Maitland lays the seeds of the his extension of his command into West Yorkshire: Seale had expressed concerns to the Home Office & General Maitland, rather than his commanding officer in the West Riding, General Grey.

Buxton 17th July 1812


I had the honor last night, of receiving Your letter, & had previously in the morning received a Communication upon the same subject from Lord Sidmouth.—

As you are under the immediate Orders of Lieut. Genl. Grey, I request you will forthwith instruct him on the whole of this Subject, & you will permit me to add, though I can make every allowance for the zeal which induced You, to write to Lord Sidmouth in the first instance, that it appears to me the original line you ought to have pursued was to have communicated direct with Lieut. General, whose zeal for the Service I am confident would have induced him to adopt the most desirable measures on the occasion.—

I am [etc]
T Maitland
Lt. Genl.

[To] Major Seale
South Devon militia

This letter can be found at HO 42/125.

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