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1st May 1812: Letter from "Peter Plush" at Nottingham to "Mr Edward Ludd" at Huddersfield

Mr Edward Ludd Market Place Huddersfield
To General Ludd Nottingham

Juner May 1 1812

By order of Genral Ludd sener the levetinent colonel and every rank of oficers in the generales servece in the town and county of Nottingham

I am reqested to expres the hye sence of honer We entertan of the meritoreous movment you and your forses have so gallantly mad in the neborood of Hudersfield to secure the rites of our poor starving fellow creturs—

I am also desired to say that We lamment with extrem regret the fate of the two brave boys who galantly spilt theire blood in a ladeble case at Rawfolds—They further learn with pleser that a noble attempt was mad about a mil from Huddersfield tho without suckses to destroy the Hytown machenry man

The Generl futher autherises me to say that he trusts to the attachment of his subjects for the avenging of the death of the two brav youths who fell at the sege of Rawfolds—He also wishes me to state that tho his troops hear are not at present making any ostensable movments here that it is not for want of force as the orgenisation is just as strong as in Yorkshire but that they are at present only devising the best means for a grand attack and that at present they are dispatching a few individuals by pistel shot on of which fel last nite

I am futher otherised to say that it is the opinion of our general and men that as long as that blackgard, drunken whoreing fellow called Prince Regent and his servants have any thing to do with government that nothing but distress will befole us there foot stooles. I am further desired to say that it is expected that you will remember that you are mad of the same stuf as Gorg Gwelps Juner and corn and wine are sent for you as wel as him

Peter Plush

Secretery to Genl Ludd

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