Tuesday, 1 May 2012

1st May 1812: Luddites raid for arms in Wooldale & Stagwood, south of Huddersfield

In the evening of  Friday 1st May 1812, Luddites made raids for arms in area south of Huddersfield.

The home of Joshua Brook at New Gate, Wooldale was raided by men who proclaimed they were sent by 'General Ludd'. They took a double-barrelled pistol Wood had bought in Wrexham.

Later, the home of a man called Newton at Stagwood, some miles to the East, was also raided for arms.

The information about Brook can be found at TS11/812.2670, and in Brooke & Kipling (1993, p.22). The information about Newton is via personal correspondence with Alan Brooke.

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