Thursday, 14 June 2012

14th June 1812: Luddites raid for arms again in the area of Hyde, Cheshire

In the evening of Sunday 14th June, the almost nightly Luddite raids for arms continued in the area of Hyde, Cheshire.

The Luddites collected a gun each from the homes of Jonathan Cheetham and Richard Wich before crossing the Gibraltar Bridge over the river Tame and calling at the home of Mrs G Sidebotham and collected three weapons (including a pistol).

The same evening, another group had met in a field belonging to Robert Thornley, close to Broomstair Bridge. There was evidently a meeting taking place, as the group later dispersed with taking any action.

The has been compiled from information contained in a letter to George Hyde Clark from one of his sons, dated 16th June 1812. The Sidebottoms ('Sidebotham' in the letter) are likely to be the owners of the nearby Gibraltar (cotton) Mill, built in 1794, now demolished.

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