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16th June 1812: Thomas Roper writes to Thomas Large about the situation in Nottinghamshire

1812. June 16


Dear sir you will perhaps be surprised to hear from me hear but the subject is of that importance as silance on my part whould be crimanal a report is got in curcuiation and I suppose from our bitterist enymyes the men of no principels but the most sordid that the searchers is to search all houses at any time with out the consent or knowlidge of the Majerstrates which hath caused vearey grate allarme in the minds of the more respectable manufactvirers for one of them and a princeple one Declared to a frend of ours as I saw just before I mounted the Coach if it was so he would go up and enter his protest at the bar of of the house, I asured him it was not so in the bill but he prest me to write my sentyments uppon it which is that the serchers on information of goods being improperly manufactured or contrarey to the true meaning of this act should go and lay the information before a civil majerstrate and he grant a serch warrant to be executid in the presence of one or more peace officers for if iver that bullwark is broke down of every english mans hous being his Castil then that strong barrer is for iver broke that so many of our ancestors have bled for and in vain send a Coppy of the bill as soon as it is printed we receved a letter from Greensmith this morning from Sheffield he has Collected 15 "0 "0 sum od money pres the buisnes forwar as much as you can for delayes are Daingourus 1 am goin to start on an experdishion to morrow morning the collections last night was a bout £12 0s 0d Clear of expence remember to mention the 2 Needil work in your Letters

PS be vearey careful a bout the searching Clause in the act

I remain your frend
and humble servant Thos Roper

the mansfield Committee are surprised Mr Toplis has not Rote to them acording to promis.

[Addressed to] Mr Thos Large . . . London.

This letter can be found in the Records of the Borough of Nottingham, vol.8, 1800-1835 (pp.152-153).

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