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26th June 1812: Gravenor Henson & Thomas Large obtain an interview with the Home Secretary, Lord Sidmouth

1812. June 26


Dr Sir

I have just recd your Letter, and thank you for the Cautions respecting the Items of the Expenditure, I have invariably found that impossible though I have made every effort particularly in travelling. The Expences in the midst of Business and Hurry are frequently forgot: And you are compell'd to reckon the gross Sum expended, Why does every Letter I receive contain complaints of the Murmurs of the Trade every thing goes on as well as can be expected and more than I can expect or ever did expect; The Bill was read a first time last Night, after 12 oClock when we had all left the House conceiving it would not be read from the lateness of the Hour, and the business before the House; Mr Vansittart and Lord Castlereagh are of opinion that Regulations should take place in our Trade The Bill will be read a Second time on Monday, we shall send you a Copy as soon as Printed, The Blanks are always filled up by a Committee of the whole House, and no otherwise on the third reading I mention this least the Bill should be misunderstood, The Members of the Committee will give their reasons for bringing in this Bill on Monday on the Second Reading, it being too late last Night

Large and me, in company with Mr Keck went to the Secy of States Office for the Home Department, and had an Interview with Lord Sidmouth, who assured us that it was the Inclination of the Prince Regent to give our Manufacture every encouragement in in his Power, that he had no Doubt that the Prince Regent, would wear our Stockings, Ornamented and give encouragement to that Fashion; Mind Lord Sidmouth requests that you would make him 6 Pair of Silk Hose for his Daughters the same Shamy as that made first, I mean the figured Shamy, that is the one with all Slit Holes, Mr Pages Shamy the same quality as those for the Prince make them Womens 26 Inches long, they will fit best, I cant explain the reasons why here. We shall go to Sir Thos Tyrwhit the Prince Regents blaster of Ceremonies to present the following Articles to the Prince in the Morning Viz

2 Pair Silk Stockings
One Silk Veil, Pearl Edge, 2- 2- 0
Black Silk Press 5- 10- 0
Black Warp Handkerchief 4- 4- 0
[Total] 11- 16- 0

All of which has been purchased in Town Lord Sidmouth bought a Double Press Cotton Shawl of us for his Daughter he would buy it, though we would have willingly presented it. He said repeatedly Success to your "Manufacture" Therefore my Lads there's no opposition in the Lords

You must send us some Money immediately. My journey to Dublin cost £12- 10s- 0 I have not been able to give you the result It is very important Remember Lord Sidmouth

Yours G Henson
 T Latham W Bowler T Large.

Thus you will discover the manner in which we are employed, while we are busy pushing our Goods, into the first Circles, Latham and Bowler are pushing the Bill through the House.

[Addressed to:] Mr. Thos Roper . . . Nottingham.

This letter can be found in the Records of the Borough of Nottingham, vol.8, 1800-1835 (pp.155-156).

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