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22nd June 1812: General Maitland gives orders for the use of Special Forces on the borders of Yorkshire, Lancashire & Cheshire

22nd June 1812

Dear Acland

We must certainly try some thing in the subject of that part of the Country above Ashton, I am entirely against sending the Captain of the Stirling (Raine) to remain any where, but having thought it over I think the advisable measure on the whole would be to send him out, with general Instructions to act, & to quarter himself as he may choose, to remain no two Nights in the same Place, but to keep in a constant State of Movement, dividing his Party if he chooses, or keeping it together as he may judge fitting, in short to be a Body in constant motion, fixed no where.

With a View to enable him to disperse any thing he may meet, assembled for any purpose connected with the present disturbances, it would be advisable, he should have always a Magistrate when he moves, but if this is impossible to be had, which I fear it is, I am instructed that the presence of a Special Constable is sufficient to enable him to act, & I should fancy there would be no difficulty in getting some one, to go with him, for the time, the special Constable ought not to be a Military Man.

The Site of his movements should be from Ashton under Line, to Mottram, & Stockport, & he may move wherever he has intelligence of a Meeting, provided he has a Constable, the success of this Measure will consist, in its Secrecy & Activity & I think ten days of it, will clear the whole of the Country where these Practices are now carrying on—

Write to me daily, & watch Raine closely.

Ever Your’s

T Maitland

Raine ought never to state where he is going, & should always move in the Night. You must make Mackay give him the necessary Routes, Blank, which he can fill up

Major Genl. Acland
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/1.

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