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27th June 1812: The Prince Regent sends a message to the Houses of Parliament about the disturbances in the North & Midlands

On  Saturday 27th June 1812, a message from the Prince Regent was read to member of both the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The message, which is below, is followed by the debate in the House of Commons:

His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, has given orders that there be laid before the House of Commons, Copies of the Information which has been received relative to certain violent and dangerous proceedings, which in defiance of the laws of taken place, and continue to be carried on, in several counties of England.

His Royal Highness confidently relies on the wisdom of Parliament, for the adoption of such measures as will be best calculated to afford security to the lives and property of his Majesty's peaceable and loyal subjects in the disturbed districts, and for the restoration of order tranquillity.

Lord Castlereagh then moved that the Message be taken into consideration on Monday.

Mr. Brougham expressed his concern, that after those disturbances had so long existed, the notice of them should have been put off till so late a period of the session. Still greater was his astonishment, that the call of the House should have been discharged when any measure was to be adopted for the alteration of our laws, which was always, if possible, avoided by our ancestors, even in worse and more dangerous times in the present.

Mr. Giles wished to know if the noble lord intended to found any motion on this Message on Monday next?

Lord Castlereagh said he should propose an Address to his Royal Highness, in answer to his most gracious Message, and also propose that a Select Committee be appointed to enquire into this subject.

Mr. Horner wished to know if the noble lord intended to name the Select Committee on Monday?

Lord Castlereagh said, that the Select Committee would be named on some future day.
This is from Parliamentary Debates, vol.23 (p.795).

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