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24th June 1812: General Acland gives orders to the special forces detachment of Captain Francis Raynes


Captain Raynes will proceed with the detachment under his command, this day, to Dukinfield; where he will endeavour to procure the best information in his power, respecting the state of the country, and the meetings of the Luddites: he will act according to circumstances, and quarter himself where he may chuse: he will remain no two nights in the same place; but is to keep in a constant state of movement; dividing his party, or keeping it together, as he may find it expedient: in short, the party is to be fixed no where. With a view to enable Captain Raynes to disperse any thing he may meet assembled, for any purpose connected with the present disturbances, one or two special constables are ordered by the magistrates, to attend Captain Raynes; which will be sufficient to enable him to act.

The site of Captain Raynes’s movements, will be from Ashton-under-Line, to Mottram and Stockport; and he may move whenever he has intelligence of a meeting, provided he has a constable.--The success of this measure, will consist of its secrecy and activity.

Captain Raynes will never state where he is going, and should always move in the night; and will, in a great measure, conduct his movements in such a manner, that the country may be strictly and regularly patroled within the circuit of his movements.

Captain Raynes will never let the officers, special constables, or any of his party, know where or when he intends moving.

He will communicate frequently with Major-General Acland, and particularly as often as he obtains any particular intelligence, or when any extra occurrence arises. Officers senior in rank to Captain Raynes, are directed not to interfere with him, in the execution of the duty entrusted to him. And officers and non-commissioned officers, having cavalry under their orders, are directed to furnish Captain Raynes with orderlies, for the purpose of communicating with head-quarters.

W. P. ACLAND, M.General.

Manchester, 24th June, 1812.

This is from Raynes (1817, pp.29-31)

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