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May 1816: Overseers of the Poor in Hinckley express concerns about unemployment amongst Framework-knitters to the government

[May 1816]

My Lord,

In consequence of the present indifferent and alarming state of the Stocking Manufactory there are many loose hands discharg’d by their employers which the parishes find it very difficult to employ.—As their appears no prospect of any immediate improvement in the trade, we think it is our duty as Magistrates to enquire of your Lordship whether there would be any disposition on the part of Government to advance some money to find employment for the poor ‘till a favorable change takes place. The Rates in the Town of Hinckley and the Neighbourhood are getting very high and will be collect’d with difficulty.—Should your Lordship be of opinion that any Assistance can be render’d in the way suggest’d or in any other manner, we shall be happy to cooperate with his Majesty's Government, and to do all in our power to alleviate those evils which seem rather to increase than diminish—

We are, your Lordship’s
Obedient humble Servants

G: Mittam
J. Blythe

From Hinckley

[To] The Right Honble
Lord Sidmouth–

This letter can be found at HO 42/150.

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