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18th March 1812: Baron Rolle reports disturbances during the Nottingham Lent Assizes to the Home Office


18. March 1812

My dear Sir/

Notwithstanding Mr Hobhouse [may] write you I am unwilling to omit a Post or without giving you every Information that comes to my knowledge. The Result of the Verdict against Carnell proceeded from Fear as never was a Burglary more clearly nor more satisfactorily proved, the jury after a great deal of Hesitation found both Carnell & his accomplice Maples guilty of breaking the Frames only—There was only one more trial yesterday. The same Sentence pronounced on the Three Transportation beyond the Seas for Fourteen years, where they ought to be sent instead of Confinement on board the Hulks, which does not make the Impression — nor produce the Contrition – so much to be desired

The mob just at the moment the [judge] the Judge was summing up the Evidence the mob I suppose about 2000 in Number made a grand Push to get into the Court then full but by the very spirited Conduct of Mr Chaworth & the Constables he with another magistrates seized two of the most active & the Constables Two more – That together with the Establishment of Sentries from the main Guard to the Court had the Effect of restoring Tranquility – The persons were reprimanded by the magistrates & on addressing their Sorrow and on a Promise to keep the Peace were dismissed — This I trust will prove to you the Prudence and Propriety of keeping the military in the Town.

The mob went off vowing Vengeance against the Prosecutors & others & that Blood should be the consequence

Last Saturday they fired at one of the Hussars but very fortunately missed him—Nothing but a spirited & determined conduct such as Mr Chaworths in all the magistrates and [some] Exertion will effectively quell this Torrent.

The Judges send a very strong impressive and most judicious Charge

What is become of your Bills?

I am in haste to [illegible] the Post
faithfully Yours


The Right Honble
Richard Ryder

This letter can be found at HO 42/121.

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