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6th March 1812: Thomas Latham of the Framework-knitters Committee writes to Leicester

1812. March 6

Committee Room . . .

We have Rd. yours of the 4th Inst, and are not a Little suprised (considering our object the same, that our indeavours in the attainment of that object should be different) we supposed from the first of our existence as a body that to Petition the Legis[la]ture to take off the orders [in] Counsel though good in itself, would not have the effect of removing our grievances as to the nature of our trade; therefore attention at the beginning of this business has been solely Directed to this one object, of applying for a Legislative enactment to regulate the various branches and indeavour to root out the abuses of our Trade, we soppose if our object is not attained now, it never will be, and the orders in counsil have nothing to do with the regulations of our trade, for we are indeavouring to get Regulations what work shall be made, and how, it shall be made, and if we succeed we trust those regulations will exist when the orders in Counsil shall be no more, we do not mean to condemn your proceedings, but we would much rather your exertions were united with ours, in the attainment of the necessary Regulations, and we hope, and trust, the day is not far distant, when those orders (which we feel as much as you) must positively be taken off to satisfy the minds of millions of distressed Manufacturers—We are happy to hear that your meeting was so well attended, that good order, and unanimity prevalid, we certainly expected some information. Respecting the abuses that exist in Leicestershire in the two needle branch, we wish to put them in a regular train, and send them to Parliament, to prove the necessity of their interference—we have wrote 3 Letters to Mr. Nickols of London our Letters and his answers were Laid before the Hatton Garden Magistrates, they allowed him a Runner, to assist him in calling a meetting they have had a meeting, and promise every assistance in their power,—nay, the Magistrates have so far interfered as to Lay the correspondence, before the Secy, of State, we have not heard the result, be we hope every thing
we have calld a general meeting for monday next, March the 9th we should be glad to see some Leicester friends over

by order of the committee Yours Respectfully

Thos. Latham

This letter can be found in the Records of the Borough of Nottingham, vol.8, 1800-1835 (p.138).

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