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20th March 1812: Joseph Radcliffe receives a threatening letter from the "Soliciter to General Ludd"

For Mr Ratcliffe Esq

Genl Ludd's Solicitor March 20 1812

Jos Ratcliffe


Take notice that a Declaration was this Day filed against you in Ludds Court at Nottingham, and unless you remain* neutral judgment will immediately be signd against you for Default, I shall thence summon a Jury for an Inquiry of Damages take out Execution against both your Body and House, and then you may Expect General Ludd, and his well organised Army to Levy it with all Destruction possible

And I am Sir your

Soliciter to General Ludd


March-20th 1812

*PS you have Sir rather taken an active part against the General but you are quiet and may remain so if you chuse (and your Brother Justices also) for him, but if you Either convict a one, or coutinance the other Side as you have Done (or any of you), you may Expect your House in Flames and, your-self in Ashes in a few Days from your next move, for our Court is not Governd by Sovrns But Equity

NB, In shewing the General the other Side for Inspection He orders me to inform you the Cloth Dressers in the Huddersfield District as spent Seven Thousand Pounds in petition Government to put Laws in force to stop the Shearing Frames and Gig Mills to no purpose so they are trying this method now, and he is informd how you are affraid it will be carried on to another purpose but you need not be apprehensive of that, for as soon as ye Obnoxious machienery is Stopd or Distroyd the Genearal and his Brave Army will be Disbandd, and Return to their Employment, like other Liege Subjects

This letter is featured in Binfield (2004, p.212).

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